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Barrco is a proud member of Pronto.

What Is Pronto?

The National Pronto Association is an organization of independent automotive aftermarket PRONTO Warehouse Distributors.

  • Buying Power

  • Quality Standards

  • Support for Business Owners  

  • Waranty Programs for Installers

PRONTO Auto Parts Stores and PRONTO Auto Service Centers gain the advantage of a multitude of services provided by the Association. Marketing the PRONTO name at all levels of distribution has become a primary function of the Association as evidenced in the Mission Statement below.

The Pronto Mission

The National Pronto Association is committed to the independent automotive aftermarket and demonstrates leadership within the industry by providing PRONTO Member distributors and their customers a professionally-managed, member-directed organizational structure designed to: collectively purchase quality name brand and PRONTO brand automotive products; advertise the PRONTO name for the common good of all PRONTO Members and their customers; and provide marketing services to PRONTO Members and their customers that improve their ability to compete for market share and profitability.

Barrco Customers & Installers Can Join (SCA)


and the BENEFITS are SIGNIFICANT   ------ Learn more >


Our National Parts and Labor Warranty program, which is the best in the market.

Through this program you will be able to offer your customers a parts and labor warranty on each of your repair jobs.

Here is how it works: If a customer has their car repaired here and goes to the next town or 25 miles from your shop and the car breaks down because the repair or part failed, your customer can call an 800 number that you provided to them at the time of the repair. When they call the 800 number they will get the Pronto office and will be directed to another Pronto shop if possible.

If another Pronto shop is not nearby, they will then be advised to proceed to an ASE certified shop of their choice for the warranty repair.

Your customer will have to pay for the new repair and then submit a copy of your ticket on the original repair and a copy of the new repair to the Pronto National Office. Pronto will then refund them the entire amount up to what you originally charged them on the failed part. For instance if you did a repair job on my brakes here at your shop and the brake portion of the ticket was $500.00 and the warranty repair cost was $550.00, Pronto would reimburse them $500.00.



National and Local Warranty Reimbursement. Roadside Assistance, ASE Test Fee Reimbursement, Shop Staff Technical Training, Marketing Support & Direct Mail, Shop Signage and Branding, all legal paperwork, customer agreements and forms..... and more.  


This is a low cost - high benefit program for your shop.


Recognition of your Shop as a Nationwide Pronto Warranty location;

Your customer will have confidence knowing their repair will be covered anywhere in the United States & Canada for 24-months or 24,000 miles (whichever comes first).

Roadside Assistance Reimbursement Program for your Consumers.

ASE Test Reimbursement for your Technicians.

Targeted Direct Mail Program to bring in new customers and retain current customers.

Continuous education offered to your technicians through our flexible web-based training programs.

We have partnered with Delphi and offer as part of this program, training programs with unlimited use. One program is a very high quality Web-based Interactive Technical Training Program and the other; Auto IQ, is a consumer application that provides a simplified overview of the service and repair process of the vehicles systems and components. As a shop owner you will be able to track the progress of your technician in the training process.

Pronto IQ training offered through Automotive Video (AVI) has organized the very best in industry talent and resources to deliver professional and organized training programs and tutorials. Over 100 hours of online training videos are available on a multitude of technical topics all with manuals, quizzes, and certificates of completion. Technical training has never been so easy! Pronto offers a rebate to the shop for Pronto IQ training. See details.

Association with a National Program Group.

Interested in Joining Barrco and offering National Warranty and other benefits Contact Us Now.


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